Fried Law Office will review employment contracts for doctors and other professionals, severance contracts, to make sure you are getting your due and not giving up non-waivable rights, and non-compete agreements for small employers and employees alike, to see if they are enforceable limitations on future employment.
For contractors, we will represent you when you don’t get paid for construction, landscaping., or repairs.  For homeowners, when you don’t get what you were promised, or when the work is shoddy on your basement, paint job, or roof, and the warranties of good workmanship implicit in the contract are not met, we also will and have represented you claiming not only breach of contract but violations of consumer protection laws.
Consumer contracts with credit card companies have become a hot area of dispute, and we have experience with representing you when you have credit card debt arising from high interest rates and penalties. 
When you are buying or selling a home, we will review or help you draft your sales agreement (or sales contract), and if afterwards you find that you have a wet basement or leaking roof Fried Law Offices will also represent you. 
Fried Law Offices is the place for consumers and small businesses to draft, negotiate or enforce your important contracts.