FREE SPEECH: Fried Law Offices is committed to protecting your right to free speech. This Constitutional guarantee is part of the foundation of our legal and political system, and the defense of this right is crucial. If you believe that your First Amendment rights have been violated, contact Fried Law Offices for a free consultation.

CIVIL RIGHTS: As an experienced and skilled civil rights attorney, Margaret Fried is prepared to work aggressively to assert your rights against discrimination or discriminatory treatment in housing, employment, voting and public accommodations.  Neither State nor local officials, agencies nor private entities may violate your civil rights protected by the United States or Pennsylvania Constitutions. Count on the aggressive and competent representation of Fried Law Offices to defend your rights and get you the fair treatment you deserve at an affordable price.

PRIVACY: Your privacy is protected by complex Pennsylvania and Federal laws, and the State and U.S. Constitutions. Many organizations which handle your personal information, use your image or name without authorization, or  intrude into your home, fail to understand that they have invaded your privacy. Particularly in the age of the internet, protecting your privacy is more important than ever. If you feel that your personal information has been misused or your privacy has not been adequately protected, contact Fried Law Offices. Margaret Fried can help you navigate this complex area of the law and figure out if your rights have been violated.  Come in for a free consultation and representation at a reasonable price.

SMALL BUSINESS: Margaret Fried has extensive experience dealing with small businesses, and understands the unique needs of small businesses when it comes to legal services. Fried Law Offices can offer the experience and resources, as well as the personal service and cost-effectiveness that a small business requires. Fried Law Offices will work with your small business at an affordable price to ascertain your unique needs and to find a legal solution that fits your specific circumstances.

ELDER LAW: There are significant State and Federal laws in place to protect the elderly in society. Fried Law Offices can help you figure out what the best legal options are when it comes to nursing homes, assisted living facilities, home caregivers,  medicare/medicaid, and asset protection. Margaret Fried will work with you to competently, quickly and professionally find a solution to your legal needs in these important areas.

NON-COMPETE AGREEMENTS: Agreements not to compete after you leave your employment are not favored in the law.  They must be limited in time and location. Fried Law Offices has the skill and experience to help individuals and businesses review, draft and negotiate these important agreements. Contact Fried Law Offices to review a non-compete agreement before you sign, or to consider your options regarding an agreement you've already signed for a free consultation. You will save money and worry in the long run.

CONSUMER LAW: Fried Law Offices has experience in representing clients in all forms of consumer litigation. We can provide expert legal advice and personal service with regard to credit history disputes, harassment by debt collectors, or abusive business practices. If you feel that your rights as a consumer have been violated, don't hesitate to contact Fried Law Offices for effective and aggressive assertion of your legal rights. Free consultation and affordable prices.

FRAUD: Fried Law Offices can effectively represent you in any manner of fraud case including credit card fraud, insurance fraud, and identity theft. Fried Law Offices will aggressively fight to recover money you've lost as a result of a fraud, and has achieved successful results for its clients.