Margaret Fried’s practice areas focus on Employment Law including Unemployment Compensation, Sexual Harassment, Age, Race, Ethnicity and Sexual Orientation Discrimination, claims regarding independent contractors, minimum wages and overtime pay, and rights under the Family and Medical Leave Act. Her experience in these areas includes over ten years of employment law practice at Neighborhood Legal Services, where she represented low income clients.

Unemployment Compensation: If you have been denied Unemployment Compensation benefits, you have fifteen days from the date the U. C. Service Center denied your benefits in which to file an appeal and obtain a hearing.  Fried Law Offices will affordably represent you on at your hearing. Loss of your Unemployment Compensation may mean loss of your COBRA subsidy under the Economic Stimulus Act.

Sexual Harassment: Margaret Fried's practice also focuses on protecting the rights of workers who have suffered Sexual Harassment on the job. Rely on her experience in protecting your rights to be free from such a hostile work environment.

Age Discrimination: Pennsylvania workers who are over forty (40) years old have rights to be free from Age Discrimination.  Workers who, because of their age, have been passed over for promotions, refused employment, given low performance reviews, denied proper training, or otherwise treated differently from younger workers, have a right to damages for such discrimination. Margaret Fried has the ability, the experience, and the empathy to understand these issues and to help you effectively assert your rights.

Fair Labor Standards Act, Pennsylvania labor laws, and the Family and Medical Leave Act: Federal and State Law sets out specific rights for U.S. Workers regarding their pay, and their rights to take time off from work for family and individual medical illnesses. If your compensation falls below the minimum hourly wage of $7.25, (effective July 24, 2009) in Pennsylvania, or if you are not being paid time and a half for overtime, or your employer has refused to give you time off to care for a newborn child or sick family member, or you are fired while on medical leave, you may be entitled to relief under Federal or State law. Rely on Margaret Fried's experience and knowledge in this area to make sure that you get the fair treatment you are entitled to under the law.